Will we start getting location based text message ads like China is doing?

Episode 1131 (36:36)

Alan from Chatsworth, CA

Alan went to China and wanted to report his experience getting by the great Firewall of China. He used alternate ports with remote desktop and TeamViewer to skirt China's blocking restrictions, and it worked great. Leo says it sounds like China just blocked standard ports used for RDP and not something more sophisticated like Deep Packet Inspection. He was able to use Google and Facebook through his T-Mobile Smartphone. It was a little slow, granted, because it uses a slower EDGE connection for free digital roaming. Leo says that the firewall really isn't effective and it shows that China really isn't worried about the elite technorati who can get around it. It's just keeping the masses in line. So his workaround was tethering to his phone in hotspot mode.

One thing he's concerned with is text messages based on his location. Leo says that they are usually free and don't go against his text allotment. But it is an ad and can be annoying enough to create outrage. Location based advertising is the hottest topic for mobile and Google, Apple, and everyone wants to get into it. That's why Apple doubles down on asking if it's OK to monitor location.