What photography software should I use on my new laptop?

Episode 1131 (53:51)

Bill from Boulder, CO

Bill is looking for a new laptop that he can use for his business. He has an older MacBook Pro with Aperture, but he doesn't like it. Leo says the good news is that Apple has killed Aperture and most photographers actually use Adobe Lightroom. He can buy it outright or use the Adobe Photographers CC package for $10 a month. Most serious photographers use both. And at $10 a month, he can't really beat it. Another option that's more affordable is Pixelmator.

Adobe Lightroom handles workflow really well, though. It can handle Adobe RAW really well, as well as black and white processing. There's also great plugins like NIK for great Ansel Adams quality black and whites.

Is 8GB or RAM good for a laptop? For photography, 8GB is OK, but 16GB is better. Is the i5 processor adequate? Leo says that all slower processors mean is that applying affects may take a little longer.