Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1131 (21:49)

Scott has questions today:

Jeffrey Hartzler has a mancave and huge fan of NFL Sunday Ticket. He has two TVs and he wants to show different channels on each with separate satellite boxes upstairs. Scott says HDMI won't work because of distance. That leaves baluns, but they're kind of a hassle, so Scott recommends going wireless. Not WirelessHD, though, because they run 60Ghz and won't make it that far. 5 Ghz will work better. I/O Gear has the 5 x 2 Matrix Pro that has 5 HDMI inputs and 2 HDMI Outputs that can run from two different receivers and route them to two different TVs. Leo says that the problem with Wireless is that it's wireless. Too many dropouts and glitches, and HDMI tells the set what resolution to use so the set gets very confused and doesn't know what resolution to show. He eventually gave up and went with baluns. The chatroom agrees with a host of horror stories.

Leo also says that HDMI was never meant to be wireless. Coax may still be the best option, using the technology called MOCHA.