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Watch Susie from West Covina, CA Comments

Susie wants to get a new laptop or tablet, but doesn't always have internet access. Leo says that a Chromebook or an iPad may be a good option. Most cloud solutions will allow her to download files locally to the laptop or tablet so she could work on it without internet access.

If Susie wants a light computer with more storage and a full operating system, she could consider the MacBook Air or Acer Aspire S7 Laptop.

Watch Alan from Chatsworth, CA Comments

Alan went to China and wanted to report his experience getting by the great Firewall of China. He used alternate ports with remote desktop and TeamViewer to skirt China's blocking restrictions, and it worked great. Leo says it sounds like China just blocked standard ports used for RDP and not something more sophisticated like Deep Packet Inspection. He was able to use Google and Facebook through his T-Mobile Smartphone. It was a little slow, granted, because it uses a slower EDGE connection for free digital roaming. Leo says that the firewall really isn't effective and it shows that China really isn't worried about the elite technorati who can get around it. It's just keeping the masses in line. So his workaround was tethering to his phone in hotspot mode.

One thing he's concerned with is text messages based on his location. Leo says that they are usually free and don't go against his text allotment. But it is an ad and can be annoying enough to create outrage. Location based advertising is the hottest topic for mobile and Google, Apple, and everyone wants to get into it. That's why Apple doubles down on asking if it's OK to monitor location.

Watch Tim from Niagara Falls Comments

Tim wants to know if the TTY teletype service for phones could be used with more modern smartphones. Leo says that most smartphones do support it, including Apple iPhones. However, they are set up to be connected to an external TTY device. For a lot of people who have poor hearing, text messages and emails make this less important. There are still TTY operators, though. Here's a list of places with information on TTY:

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Watch Bill from Boulder, CO Comments

Bill is looking for a new laptop that he can use for his business. He has an older MacBook Pro with Aperture, but he doesn't like it. Leo says the good news is that Apple has killed Aperture and most photographers actually use Adobe Lightroom. He can buy it outright or use the Adobe Photographers CC package for $10 a month. Most serious photographers use both. And at $10 a month, he can't really beat it. Another option that's more affordable is Pixelmator.

Adobe Lightroom handles workflow really well, though. It can handle Adobe RAW really well, as well as black and white processing. There's also great plugins like NIK for great Ansel Adams quality black and whites.

Is 8GB or RAM good for a laptop? For photography, 8GB is OK, but 16GB is better. Is the i5 processor adequate? Leo says that all slower processors mean is that applying affects may take a little longer.

Watch Joe from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Joe recently bought an iPhone and iPad, but there are programs at work that Apple doesn't support. So he's using his old HP laptop for those. Now he's having issues syncing calendars and contacts, and Apple hasn't been much help because they don't support Microsoft.

Leo says the good news is that Microsoft just updated Outlook for Mac and he can use that. Sync is hard and often it'll only work once or twice before failing. The problem with his iPad and laptop is that they act as two masters, and Outlook just saves them both. That's why Leo likes to keep everything in Google. It just works.

Leo recommends using GSyncIt for the HP. He should have the Mac sync to Google Calendar. Then make Google the master and sync everything to that.

Watch Pete from Brooklyn, NY Comments

Pete would like to mount a Mac monitor on the wall. Leo says a VESA mount is the best and Leo recommends Ergotron arms. That's what TWiT uses in the Brickhouse studios. He recommends bringing his monitor back to Apple and requesting a model with the VESA mount. Leo also says that Dell's 5K monitor is great for the same price. It may be worth going that way.

Can he just route the Mac Pro through the new 4K iMac? Leo says no. There's special circuitry of the iMac Retina that moderates the bandwidth, so it's not possible to daisy chain the 4K signal.

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Watch George from Toronto, Canada Comments

George is a system integrator and he knows about wireless HDMI. George says that video scalers like have wireless HDMI 60Hz solutions that work really well because it handles spectrum that isn't used much. It works great -- up to 50 feet. And the walls aren't really an issue. George says that doing it through Cat5 or Cat 6 and baluns work as the best option in that case.

Watch Rob from Tarzana, CA Comments

Rob is having an issue with his computer hanging only while Microsoft Outlook is open. Outlook displays his Exchange and Gmail accounts. He's tried several things, including running Outlook in Safe Mode, disabling his antivirus, and turning off add-ons. Leo says to look at the connection as it syncs. He should try changing the polling times. It also goes through the messages and indexes them, but he started with empty PST files which dramatically changes the time it would take to index them.

Rob should try uninstalling and reinstalling Office. He might even want to try reinstalling Windows. He can try turning off the Exchange download, too. He should do the simple stuff first and work to the most problematic. But Outlook is definitely the culprit here.

Watch Clinton from Portsmith, VA Comments

Clinton wants to know if the sound in the Samsung Galaxy Note III is as good as the iPod. Leo says yes, it is. He can test the sound with his headphones to automatically adjust the sound to his hearing, which makes it even better. The only difference may be storage, but he can use an SD card in the Note for music. That's why the iPod no longer is sold -- the smartphone is a great music player.

Watch Robert from Las Vegas, NV Comments

Robert wants to upgrade his MacBook Pro into an SSD and then clone his hard drive to it. Leo says to use SuperDuper to clone the drive to an external drive, then copy it to the SSD. He should just make sure he has a large enough drive. Go to They offer great stuff and will walk him through the process.

Watch Don from Mojave, CA Comments

Don wants to know how the Roku Stick works. Leo says they crash periodically, but they work great and save a ton of space. It's powered by the TV. It does require an MHL HDMI port to use it, though, which is not a standard port on most TVs. If he doesn't have that, then the Google Chromecast is another option. But if space isn't an issue, Leo recommends getting the external box.

Watch Joe from Ghent, NY Comments

Joe wants to know how Google Wallet works. Leo says he has to tie it to a credit or debit card, and then it charges the credit or debit cards when he makes purchases. He can also reload the wallet ahead of time to debit it. It's like EasyPass while driving.

Check out Google's AntiFraud Theft policy here.