Why does it take so long for Carbonite to backup my hard drive?

Episode 1130 (52:47)

Daryl from Los Angeles, CA
external hard drive

Daryl wants to know how long Carbonite will take to backup his hard drive. Leo says to take 740kbps x 60 then divide by 10. 10 KB per minute. If he does the math, it takes quite a bit of time. Carbonite knows this and as such, Daryl can request to have a hard drive sent to him and then he can back up his system and sent it back.

What Leo advises though, is to use Carbonite to back up his basic data, not movies or other large files. Another thing to do is just buy a 3TB external hard drive, and back everything up to that. Then put that drive somewhere off site. ChronoSync for the Mac is a great way to sync his backup with the hard drive so he knows they're the same. He can get two drives and then swap them out every other week. SuperDuper is another backup option.

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