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Episode 1130 October 26, 2014

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Bill from Anaheim, CA Comments

Bill heard about Google Inbox and he usually tries to separate email into his categories. He wants to set an expiration date on unread email, so if he doesn't read it within a certain amount of time, it will disappear. Leo says that an expiration date would be interesting, but could also be complicated as some people would hate it. But he can set up his desktop client to delete email after a set amount of time.

Gmail does have automatic filtering and Inbox takes it to a new level. They bundle similar emails based on the user's activity. Users can also pin email so they can keep it. It's invite only right now, but Leo suggests going to to request an invite.

Watch Jack from Thorton, NH Comments

Jack has an old monitor and he doesn't know what he can do with it. Leo says it largely depends on the connectors, and whether it's a 15 pin VGA, a DVI or HDMI. He could use adapters, but if he looks at the connector and the back of the monitor, he should be able to see what he can connect it to.

Watch David from Reseda, CA Comments

David wants to get his wife a tablet that can work as a laptop. Leo likes the Lenovo Yoga. But the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has the best screen. It's not cheap, but people rave about it. Leo recommends to always go solid state. It'll be faster and lighter, but they're more expensive than a spinning drive.

Watch Willie from Andrian, MI Comments

Willie has started a tech consulting and PC repair business. He wants to know the best option for remote support. The chatroom likes TeamViewer. Leo says that LogMeIn was good until they took away the free options. So he doesn't recommend it anymore.

GoToAssist is the best, but it's a pay service. He would send a link to his customer, they click on it, and it downloads and runs. The chatroom also says to check out Google Helpouts. It uses Google Hangouts on a personal level to do remote support and teaching.

(Disclaimer: GoToAssist is a sponsor)

Watch Tom from Warren, OH Comments

Tom heard Leo talk about Walmart's new CurrentC/MCX payment option. Leo says that they're the king of loyalty cards, but it's complicated. Tom did use Apple Pay at Panera and it was really easy and worked great. He just put his thumb on it and it deducted money for his coffee. Nice and easy. It even told him how long ago he used it and where so he can keep track of his purchases.

Watch Dave from Buena Park, CA Comments

Dave upgraded his MacBook Pro with a Samsung SSD and it was running TRIM. But OS X Yosemite has a new security requirement called Kext Signing, and it only allows drivers that are approved by Apple. Leo says he can download TRIM Enabler, but he does have to disable kext signing to use it. And that's dangerous because it could open the door for malware. TRIM is built into Yosemite, but it only works with Apple Hardware.

Dave should check out and this forum at

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Watch Daryl from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Daryl wants to know how long Carbonite will take to backup his hard drive. Leo says to take 740kbps x 60 then divide by 10. 10 KB per minute. If he does the math, it takes quite a bit of time. Carbonite knows this and as such, Daryl can request to have a hard drive sent to him and then he can back up his system and sent it back.

What Leo advises though, is to use Carbonite to back up his basic data, not movies or other large files. Another thing to do is just buy a 3TB external hard drive, and back everything up to that. Then put that drive somewhere off site. ChronoSync for the Mac is a great way to sync his backup with the hard drive so he knows they're the same. He can get two drives and then swap them out every other week. SuperDuper is another backup option.

(Disclaimer: Carbonite is a sponsor)

Watch Sam from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Sam has a Logitech Keyboard and he wants to know if the bluetooth signal can be boosted. Leo says he can't because Logitech doesn't use Bluetooth. It uses a proprietary signal. He should just get a Bluetooth keyboard, if his computer supports it. If his computer doesn't support it, he could still buy Bluetooth dongles and add devices that way. Leo suspects that Logitech limits the range of it's capability because of interference and security reasons.

Watch Sam from Costa Mesa Comments

Leo says the HTC One M8 is great, as is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The Google Nexus 5 is great because it's a pure Android experience and it works on T-Mobile. The Nexus 6 is coming in a few weeks as well, but it's going to be larger. If he can get an invite to buy the OnePlus One, it's very affordable and state of the art.

Watch Paul from Virginia Beach, CA Comments

Paul got nailed by a "search assistant" malware and he can't get rid of it. Leo says the good news is that it probably hasn't wormed it's way too deep. It's probably been installed as an extension into the Mac. He has to be careful because bad guys have made pages alleging to uninstall with a program, when it actually installs more malware.

He'll need to get into his Mac System Library and delete a few things. Here's how:

Conduit is a plague on Windows and Mac, but because he installed it, it isn't technically considered malware.

Watch Craig from Mansfield, OH Comments

Craig emails back and forth with someone in Germany, and he needs to be able to translate the German to English. He uses a Kyocera Hydro and finds himself having to write out the emails on paper and then type it into Google Translate. Leo isn't sure if the Kyocera has a copy/paste command, but if it does, he can select the text in the email and then copy and paste it into Google Translate. He can't get the browser on the Kyocera to work properly with Google Translate though, either.

Leo suggests buying an inexpensive tablet like the Google Nexus 7, and that would certainly be able to translate the emails for him.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Joe from Coda De Casa, CA Comments

Joe wants to set up remote desktop but there has to be an easier way than Remote Desktop through Windows Server. Leo says that there are companies that do their own hosted remote desktop services. Virtacore does it. (Disclaimer: Virtacore is a sponsor)

Watch Joe from Coda De Casa, CA Comments

Leo says that the Note 3 is still a great phone. But the Note 4 has a far higher resolution with 500dpi. The Camera is highly improved. The Note 4 is far more Google and has less of a Samsung presence. If Joe's due for an upgrade, he may as well consider it. But if he bought a Note 3 recently, no real need to upgrade yet. But eventually he will want to.

Watch George from Houston, TX Comments

George wants to know if he can connect his tablet or laptop to his HDTV. Leo says maybe. If the laptop has HDMI, then sure. But if it only has USB, then it's unlikely. Both would require using DNLA. Leo advises buying Google's Chromecast. Then using Wi-Fi, he can download and install Google's Chromecast app, connect to it and it'll find the Chromecast and log into it. Then he can use it with his TV. AllCast works great too. Android 4.4 can do it through Chromecast directly.

Watch Earl from Lakeside, CA Comments

Earl has an old iMac and can't transfer his files to his new iMac. He wants to move the program from the old to the new, but he doesn't have any disks. Leo says that Microsoft Word for the Web, which is free, or Google Docs, would work great. He doesn't need new software. He can just backup his data with a USB key and then bring it to the new Mac and use Office for the Web or to open it.

Another thing Earl is having trouble with is using his android phone to hold one call, answer another, and then go back to the original call. Leo says it should hand off automatically back to the original call when it hangs up.

Watch Kathy from Ventura, CA Comments

Kathy is trying to use a PDF form, but it's locked. How can she write to it and fill in the forms? Leo says there are products that can do it, but she can't do it with Adobe Reader. She'll need a program that can open and edit the PDF. Leo recommends FoxIt. It's free and she can use it to edit protected PDFs. She can then save it out with no problem.

Watch Kathy from Ventura, CA Comments

Leo says the WashingtonPost has a safe online version of Spider Solitaire. It's smart to worry about downloading something from a source she doesn't trust.

Watch Paula from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Paula is thinking of switching from the Samsung Galaxy SIII to the iPhone 6 Plus. She uses Outlook, and was told it's not a problem to use with the iPhone. Leo says that syncing Outlook isn't really a good solution because Google killed the ability to sync with it. Since Paula is currently using Google Calendar and Contacts on Android, it would be best to just stick with that. The Chatroom says that Outlook does work with iCloud, so that should be really easy to do.

GSyncIt by Fieldston Software can do it with Android and Leo suggests that Paula go with the Galaxy Note IV instead.

The chatroom had some suggestions for syncing Outlook with Gmail: