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Watch Lee from West Hills, CA Comments

Lee now has 100Mbps through Time Warner Cable and he's excited. Leo says that's in direct response to Google wiring up communities with Gigabit internet access. Time Warner calls it "GigaPower." But when Lee connects with his Apple devices, they can't keep up with it.

Leo says that using a Speed Test is good because it is doing a raw transfer, which is different from how a browser performs. Browsers deal with plugins and other add-ons. It may just be that the Apple devices Lee is using have slower processors or the RAM may be insufficient. He still is getting fast speeds on his iPad, just not the full 100 Mbps, which Leo says is really a "first world problem." It may take more investigation to determine why this is happening, though.

Watch Zack from Folsom, CA Comments

Zack wants to know what cell phone carrier would be best for him. Leo uses all four to keep up with them and he says they're all terrible. Bad customer service, expensive, and monopolistic. Out of all of them, T-Mobile is probably his favorite, especially because it works well in his area. They have great plans including a $30 a month data plan with 100 minutes of calling. It's hard to find, but it's there. Leo likes T-Mobile's "we try harder" attitude. By and large, they are the best of the worst. And because they're less popular, it's possible to get faster speeds on their network since congestion isn't as much of an issue.

Watch Rick from Phelan, CA Comments

Rick bought a new Windows 7 PC. But when he was using Windows XP one last time, he got nailed by the FBI Moneypack virus. Leo says that the FBI is not going to make him buy a gift card at 7-11 and pay them tribute. Since he isn't locked out, he can just backup his data, format the hard drive and reinstall Windows. It's just an annoying malware popup designed to make people worry.

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Watch Henry from Pennsylvania Comments

Henry says that HAM Radios are becoming a lost art. Leo says that one way people can get the next generation into HAM Radio is through the Internet, where they can connect to more powerful antenna arrays and data networks. That's appealing to the younger set. HAM will die out if it doesn't evolve.

Watch Chuck from Nashville, TN Comments

Chuck got a new computer and now he can't back up his new hard drive with Carbonite. Leo says he'll have to go into the settings and tell it where the data is now. Especially considering that Chuck has partitioned the hard drive and Carbonite needs to know where to find the data.

(Disclaimer: Carbonite is a sponsor).

Watch Don from Mojave, CA Comments

Don watches TV with Google's Chromecast on his Vizio 3D TV. Could he see 3D with one eye? One eye is stronger than the other. Leo says sort of. If he covered one eye, he wouldn't see it because of parallax. But if his other eye can see something, then it has some sort of depth information. So it should work for him. But two eyes are needed for depth perception.

Watch Terry from Northridge, CA Comments

Terry found an iPad in the street and has been trying to find the owner for a month. She wants to know how she can unlock it so she can find the owner. Leo says that after a month of searching, she's really done enough. There really isn't a way to unlock it once the owner has set it. There's probably stuff they wouldn't want her to see.

Can she use it? Leo says it depends. She can hook it up to a computer with iTunes and wipe it. Then she can start from scratch. If it hasn't had the "kill switch" engaged, then she should be able to use it. If the kill switch was used, then it's a nice paperweight.

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Watch Byron from Crystal Lake, IL Comments

Byron's internet radio cuts out when he's listening on his iPhone running iOS 8.1. Leo says that intermittent Wi-Fi has plagued iOS for years, and Leo says that the nature of the beast is to have drop outs. But since iOS 7 it's really been a big problem. Leo says that Apple must be doing something odd because it's a common complaint.

Wi-Fi can often be promiscuous and can jump from access point to access point, dropping the signal. It could be the metal cases causing the problem. Byron can reset or update the firmware of the router. That could help, but the fix is elusive.

Watch Nancy from Redding, PA Comments

Nancy has an iPad 2 and now she's running out of room. She's downloaded all of her pictures, but she's worried about Apple deleting her iCloud backup if she hasn't backed up within 180 days. Leo says it's easy to just turn on iCloud backup on the iPad in the settings and it'll do it automatically. But if she has run out of space, then Leo advises to either go in to the settings and delete the iCloud backup, or pay $0.99 for 20GB. Then she won't get that warning.

She'd also like to take her videos off her iPad, but she doesn't have a computer. Leo says that there are free services that will let her store video. DropBox, Microsoft One Drive, and Flickr gives users 1TB free and it will backup video. She can turn on the automatic upload feature pretty easily. How can she burn them to DVD? Leo says she'll need a computer to do that, but there may be an online service that can handle that directly.

Watch Cindy from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Cindy is having trouble booting up Windows from a USB key. Leo says that Windows 8 has a secure boot feature that won't let users boot to a USB key unless they go into the BIOS and set it up to do so. If Cindy has, she can try reversing the settings and then remove the key. It should go back to it's original settings.