How can I get an unlimited data plan with a Samsung Galaxy Note 4?

Episode 1128 (29:18)

Jason from Warren, NJ
Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Jason wants to get a new Galaxy Note 4, but he doesn't want to lose his unlimited data plan. Leo says that AT&T is always looking for a reason to take unlimited data away from those who are left using it. And frankly, most people who have it don't use that much data and they're really paying for what they don't use. Either Jason could get a plan that would cover the data he uses, or he could go to T-Mobile and get unlimited. Most of their plans are unlimited, but would throttle his speeds after he reaches a certain limit.

Leo says to choose the carrier first, then decide which phone to get. He likes the hardware that Samsung makes, but he can't stand the extra stuff they put on the phone. If Jason likes it, though, Samsung is a good option. Also, since Sprint is the carrier he's looking at and that it doesn't really work well at home, he could ask them to provide a "femtocell" that will route cell phone calls over his Wi-Fi connection.