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Watch Richard from LaHabra, CA Comments

Richard's website has fallen dramatically on Google's search results, and he's wondering why. Leo says that Google is always tweaking their search algorithm. In order to get a high Google ranking, he has to be linked by other pages that are higher on the list. That's what gives pages what Leo calls "Google Juice."

Leo recommends checking out the Google Webmaster Tools. But the bottom line is, the better his content, the higher his rank. And don't buy into alleged SEO companies that promise to get higher rankings. That's just snake oil. If he tries to trick Google by gaming the system, they could de-list him. So he should go about it the right way.

Watch Mary from Ventura, CA Comments

Mary's Yahoo email account was hacked, and in the process, all her contacts in her address book got deleted. Is there any way to retrieve it? Leo says that Mary probably had her account hacked through her "secret" questions which can be guessed using a brute force attack. Once hacked, her account was used as a spam account. But it may be that her account wasn't hacked at all, and her email address was spoofed instead. That means they just can pose as Mary by using the "reply to" field.

Since she also lost her contacts, the chatroom says that Yahoo has a way to restore them. If that doesn't work, then there's no way to really get them back. The good news is that since Mary uses her iPad, it remembers the contacts and will fill them in as she goes. That's why it's so important to back up contacts. She can export them to a CSV file and then restore them.

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Watch Greg from Orange County, CA Comments

Greg hears that POP 3 is going to be obsolete and that he should go with and IMAP through Microsoft Exchange for an extra cost. Is that true? Leo says that it is, but he recommends going with Gmail instead. He could also buy the Google Apps account, and they do a great job with organization and spam filtering. IMAP will also work better with iOS devices. Leo also says he can shop around and get a better deal on IMAP. But Leo uses Gmail.

Watch Tom from Bozeman, MT Comments

Tom says he's got a problem in Google Chrome on his Mac where he gets squares instead text in the upper right hand corner. And he did it on different computers as well. Leo suspects that he's missing the font that Google is trying to use. Typically there is a fallback font whenever the font that's being used isn't available, and he's checked that Arial is his font substitution.

Leo says to go to Tools > More Tools > Encoding. Then he should try "16 bit unicode." That should fix the problem. He should also try auto encoding. Check out this video -

Watch Tom from Bozeman, MT Comments

Leo says sure, but it won't be fast. And he won't get the high resolution he wants. The Mac Mini is a low power mac -- it's essentially a MacBook Air in a desktop package. So he will likely have issues. Leo says says he uses a 4K screen with a Mac Pro and that has even been sluggish.

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Watch Dave from Torrance, CA Comments

Dave has noticed that when he powers up his MacBook away from his Airport, it won't get better when he gets closer to it. So he bought an Airport Express to relay the data speed. Leo says that's a good solution as it acts as a repeater. But he'll have to be sure it's set up properly.

Dave should launch Airport Utility and set up the Airport Express by adding it to the existing network. The newer ones are dual band 802.11AC. Also, remember Wi-Fi is supposed to be line of sight and the higher the frequency, the more the signal will bounce around. If he has metal in his walls, that could also impede the signal.

Leo also says that the network is likely congested with interference from other routers in the neighborhood. That's why a dual band router with 5GHz can help clear the way. Some routers can grab all the available bandwidth around and jam everyone else, so that could be part of the problem.

Watch Eddie from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Eddie bought an Acer laptop and he upgraded to Windows 8.1 and his bluetooth is now broken. Nothing will pair. He's also been getting popups for drivers. Leo says that Windows 8.1 did break the drivers on the Acer V5 laptop. So the solution is to install the drivers from Acer.

Here's a fix from Acer's website: He'll need the Atheros 8.1.1 driver from Qualcomm.

Watch Trevor from Oceanside, CA Comments

Trevor is frustrated with GoDaddy because he searches for domain names, but when he goes back to buy them, GoDaddy has bought it and increased the price. Leo says that that's why he uses Hover. They don't do stuff like that.

(Disclaimer: Hover is a sponsor).

Watch Rick from Kansas City, MO Comments

Rick says that he hears that with Sprint, if they upgrade to the new iPhone, they won't be able to talk and surf at the same time. Leo says that he can on AT&T and Verizon, though. Verizon moved over to Voice Over LTE and Leo thought Sprint was moving that way too, but apparently they haven't. T-Mobile will also work. Any GSM network will do it, and Leo suspects that Sprint will eventually go that way.

Watch Doug from Panama City, FL Comments

Doug hears that Sony's new HT-ST5 sound bar has separate amps for every speaker. Is that THX? Leo says that having a separate amp doesn't mean the speaker is better, just that it gives it more juice. And THX is a certification, not really a technology. Leo likes Sony because they add a subwoofer to it and it doesn't have wires everywhere. But it will never be the same as actual surround sound quality. Scott Wilkinson recommends the Pioneer Andrew Jones Sound bar.

Watch Ignacio from San Diego, CA Comments

Ignacio had his living room prewired with HDMI and Cat 6 Ethernet. But he forgot speaker wires for the center channel speaker of his home theater. What can he do? Leo says he could go with a wireless center channel. Or he could just do a two channel stereo configuration and do without the center channel. But that's where the vocals are going to be and he'll lose all the dialog. So he really won't want to do that.

The AV receiver may be able to route the center channel and mix it left and right. Most receivers will do that. He can also get flat paintable speaker wire that will run flush to the wall. That's the ideal solution.