What's a good computer for a college student?

Episode 1126 (1:36:42)

Evangelina from Los Angeles, CA
Laptop computer

Evangelina's son wants a new computer for college. It will be used for studying music and medicine. Leo says that any digital device is fine for listening to music. But for medicine, there may be specific software that he needs which could decide which platform he needs. She should consider who will be giving support for the computer. Whatever the school uses also could point to what platform he should be on.

The good thing about a Mac is that it's very secure. For Windows, Leo likes Dell and Lenovo. She should get the Gold support plan if he'll need it. She should make sure they send the recovery disks, even if she has to pay extra for them. She's going to want to reinstall from time to time as well. What browser should he be using? Leo recommends Chrome.