How can I batch convert old Apple Works files?

Episode 1126 (1:53:04)

Danielle from Malibu, CA

Danielle upgraded her Mac to OS X Mavericks and now she can't open any Apple Works documents. Leo says that AppleWorks isn't supported anymore in Mavericks. What can she do?

Leo recommends before getting rid of the old computer, to open the documents and save them out as RTF. Then she can import them to Pages, which Mavericks will handle. Here's an article from Cult of Mac on how to do that.

There's also some scripts that could do it, and there's a forum conversation on Apple's website here.

Is there a utility that will batch convert them? Leo found a program called Panergy Doc X Converter that will convert them all. If Danielle doesn't like Pages, she could get a much simpler word processor like Byword, Nisus or WriteRoom.