What's the best sound bar under $500?

Episode 1125 (1:51:03)

Pete from Detroit, MI
Pioneer SP-SB23W

Pete wants to get a sound bar to replace his aging home theater system. Leo says you can do it, it's a good option especially for a smaller room. But he won't get the separation and quality of home theater. Sound bars are popular and do a great job, though. Pioneer makes one that Scott Wilkinson likes called the SP-SB23W. It's designed by Andrew Jones and is very affordable at around $400. Scott says it sounds really good.

Pete also wants to know about the Lumia 1320. Is it a good phone? Leo says it is, especially with it's camera. It uses the PureView system and that's their strong point. The camera may be the number one feature of a mobile phone these days. The Lumia 1120 has a 41 MP camera. The only downside is that it's Windows phone, and sadly, Google doesn't really support the Windows Phone system.