Johnny Jet

Episode 1125 (1:12:24)

Leo wants to know if Johnny flies with a face mask on. Johnny says he brings several and puts them on only if the person you're sitting by isn't covering his face when he sneezes. He also offers one to them. And he also carries a bunch of Wet Ones wipes and wipes down everything he's going to touch. That's because most germs are transferred by touch and the overhead bin latch is the worst. Leo wonders about the Ebola crisis. Johnny says it's very difficult to catch unless you touch someone or clean up volume. But Johnny says there's more scare tactics going on, and a lot of hype. But it doesn't hurt to be cautious.

Johnny has a resource web page that offers travel tips during the Ebola scare. Cool Produce, the Scough. It's a travel mask disguised as a scarf. Johnny also says that at JFK, they're taking passenger temperatures who fly in.

London's subway is also introducing new high tek cars which are WiFi enabled, have numerous high resolution screens, and are driverless.

Today's website -, which allows frequent flies to calculate their miles. Also for Android.