Can I replace my computer with a tablet?

Episode 1125 (1:00:48)

Tara from Venice, CA
Acer Chromebook

Tara has a lot of computer stuff that she really doesn't need. Can she use an iPad and still do online banking securely? Leo says Tara can, but it's more dependent on the security of the bank than the iPad. If the bank's security is up to date, then absolutely she can do it. Leo also says she can keep her Wi-Fi and use a Wi-Fi enabled Chromebook instead. It's essentially a browser based computer with nothing else. Just about everything she does is online these days, and that makes the Chromebook an excellent and secure alternative.

For Tara's needs, a Chromebook is probably a better option. It's also very cost effective, starting at $250. A 13" Chromebook would work just fine. Leo recommends Acer and HP. Can she print with it? Leo says sure. Especially if her printer is AirPrint enabled. But she can also use Google's Cloud Print, which works over the internet.