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Watch Gail from Covina, CA Comments

Gail has Verizon DSL and her email is being barraged by spam. Leo says that's not surprising, and it's certainly not her fault. But it's likely that spammers just sent out blanket emails that cover every conceivable possibility at a domain address. And there's nothing that Gail can do except use good spam fighting filters.

Leo advises to run her email through GMail, as it has the best spam filters in the business. Leo advises that Gail have her email forwarded to a GMail account. It'll gather her email and filter it. There's also OnlyMyEmail, as it has great spam filtering and safe email for kids.

Watch Thomas from Boseman, MT Comments

Thomas has an old Samsung Galaxy Tablet and he wants to know how he can upgrade it to sell it. Leo says that Gazelle is an option, as is eBay. Leo also says try updating the Android OS. Look in the settings to check, or go to the website and check. That could extend the life of it. Leo says that Google's new Nexus tablets will be coming out soon. So Thomas shouldn't buy anything until Google releases their next generation.

(Disclaimer: Gazelle is a sponsor).

Watch Dustin from Glendora, CA Comments

Dustin's network connection goes out several times a day. Leo says that he's been experiencing the same thing on his Mac. Leo suggests checking for firmware updates. That could make his router more stable. Most people rarely update the firmware in their router. There's also something that Verizon can do since their switches tend to be cheap and break often. He should also start at the plug and check all connections to the wall.

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Watch Ronnie from Winnetka, CA Comments

Ronnie got a new iPhone 5 and it's requiring a Wi-Fi network to update. Leo says that it's likely Ronnie has Wi-Fi and her husband can connect it for her. She can also connect to her computer and use iTunes to update the phone as well.

Ronnie should go to the view menu of iTunes and enable "show sidebar." Then go to the "devices" section where her iPhone is listed and then check for update. But if she doesn't have Wi-Fi, then there's always public Wi-Fi at Starbucks, McDonalds, or a public library.

Watch Tara from Venice, CA Comments

Tara has a lot of computer stuff that she really doesn't need. Can she use an iPad and still do online banking securely? Leo says Tara can, but it's more dependent on the security of the bank than the iPad. If the bank's security is up to date, then absolutely she can do it. Leo also says she can keep her Wi-Fi and use a Wi-Fi enabled Chromebook instead. It's essentially a browser based computer with nothing else. Just about everything she does is online these days, and that makes the Chromebook an excellent and secure alternative.

For Tara's needs, a Chromebook is probably a better option. It's also very cost effective, starting at $250. A 13" Chromebook would work just fine. Leo recommends Acer and HP. Can she print with it? Leo says sure. Especially if her printer is AirPrint enabled. But she can also use Google's Cloud Print, which works over the internet.

Watch Bob from Ocala, FL Comments

Bob says he's added several hard drives to his network but Explorer can't see them. Leo advises formatting and partitioning them. Then look at them in Windows Drive Manager by clicking Start, then typing "Disk Management."

Watch Bret from Demoines, IA Comments

Bret would like to create his own off site cloud storage at a friend's house. Leo says he can have a private cloud and there's several ways to do it. Leo also advises the File Transporter, which is a small device that he would hook up his hard drive to. Then it syncs with a second File Transporter hooked up to a hard drive in another location.

PogoPlug is another option. Both are secure, connected to the internet, and if he has each on either end, he can run them as cloud storage for both Bret and his friend.

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Watch Ziggy from California Comments

Ziggy is a high school senior and he's taking classes in video game design. He wants to have a really good SSD to speed up the performance of his computers. Leo says that's a great idea and it's important to find an SSD that's really fast as some aren't as fast as others.

Most SSDs are good for boot drives. But they can also be used for data, though most use a spinning drive for that. These days, most SSDs are largely the same in terms of speed and they're more of a mature technology. Leo likes SanDisk, Kingston, and HyperX. The chatroom says to stay away from the Samsung EVO 840 drives.

Anandtech has great reviews on SSDs at

Watch Austin from Riverside, CA Comments

Austin has a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and he's due for an upgrade. What phone should he get? Leo says that if he likes the Note 3, he'll love the Note 4. Early reviews have been great.

Watch Paul from San Bernadino, CA Comments

Paul has an LG G3, took his memory card out, put it on another phone, and now it won't mount. Leo says it's probably a format that isn't read because the other phone is older. Now he can't get the data because the older phone damaged the card. Leo says that he can get a program that can read it called Recuva which is free. That should be able to get the data off. PC Inspector will also do it.

The chatroom likes PhotoRec. The fact that Paul can see it and the phone wants to format it means there has to be data on it somewhere that he can recover. But don't pay for it.

Watch Pete from Detroit, MI Comments

Pete wants to get a sound bar to replace his aging home theater system. Leo says you can do it, it's a good option especially for a smaller room. But he won't get the separation and quality of home theater. Sound bars are popular and do a great job, though. Pioneer makes one that Scott Wilkinson likes called the SP-SB23W. It's designed by Andrew Jones and is very affordable at around $400. Scott says it sounds really good.

Pete also wants to know about the Lumia 1320. Is it a good phone? Leo says it is, especially with it's camera. It uses the PureView system and that's their strong point. The camera may be the number one feature of a mobile phone these days. The Lumia 1120 has a 41 MP camera. The only downside is that it's Windows phone, and sadly, Google doesn't really support the Windows Phone system.

Watch Brian from Orange, CA Comments

Brian is looking beyond the "big three" of cellphone carriers and wants to know which one of the smaller mobile carriers are best. Leo says that most of the smaller carriers, known as "mobile virtual network operators" (MVNOs), buy their network service at a discount rate from the big three, often times Sprint, and then resell it. And it's often a better value than the big three. Straight Talk Wireless from Walmart, for instance, is one such MVNO. Which one is best will depend on which of the big three's are best in Brian's area.

Watch Dan from Somis, CA Comments

Dan says he gets error messages when booting up to Windows and sometimes it just boots up to a black screen. Leo says that intermittent problems are the hardest to diagnose and it could indicate a problem with his power supply or a lose cable. It could also be an overheating issue. The best thing is to make sure his data is constantly backed up.