What's a good alternative for iPhoto since it's been discontinued?

Episode 1122 (1:37:41)

Laverne from Bronx, NY

Since Apple is retiring iPhoto, she is worried about all her albums. What's a good alternative that will allow her to preserve those albums and keep using them? Leo says that Apple's new Photos app will be available for both iOS and OS X. And it'll be comparable to iPhoto and Leo suspects that it'll have all the same functions as iPhoto when it comes out next January. Until then, there are other choices. She can turn on Google Plus' automatic photo upload, which is essentially Picasa with various new features including AutoAwesome. It's a great option, and it's free.But remember that it'll take up data if she's doing it from her phone.

For Desktop Apps on the Mac, the Chatroom likes LYN. It's like iPhoto, for $20 and has a free trial. Adobe's Photoshop Elements is a good option. Collage.com would allow her to upload photos and make a book out of them. It's got web based software that would allow her to create a printed book much like iPhoto did. But even Apple just outsourced it. Blurb is another option. They let users download a program, create a book and upload it. And they've got gorgeous books, too, with full bleed printing.