What's up with BendGate?

Episode 1122 (40:28)

Kenny from Temple, TX
iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Kenny wants to know if the bend gate scandal with the iPhone 6 is legit. Leo says no, it's mostly hype. But by making a thin phone with a metal backing, it can bend. Consumer Reports says it takes up to 90 lbs of pressure to do that. And with a good strong case, it should be fine. There is a slight weak spot though at the bottom of the volume rocker, but that's true with all phones. In fact, the HTC One is even more bendable.

If you're careful with it, and don't go out of your way to try and bend it, you'll be okay. There's only been about 13 complaints out of 10 million sold. If anything, the more important worry is Apple's iOS 8.0.1, which broke a ton of phones. Apple quickly fixed it with 8.0.2, but Leo advises waiting a few days before installing updates just to be safe.