What is the best and most secure router?

Episode 1124 (15:43)

Jay from Providence, RI
Asus Router

Jay is thinking of getting a new Apple Airport Extreme, but he also wants to use the DDWRT firmware. He's heard that it's more secure, and the Asus router he's looking at comes with it.

Leo says that the hardware for the Airport Extreme is excellent. It's what he uses. Not because DDWRT isn't any good, though. It's great. But Apple does a great job assigning channels and the hardware is top notch. But they're also more expensive. Asus is a very good company and the new DDWRT routers are really good. So either would work great. Leo does recommend getting a dual band router, though. The lower bands are really congested now and having a 5 GHz option is really beneficial. Though 5GHz has more trouble getting through walls.