Should I buy my daughter a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air for college?

Episode 1122 (46:25)

Brian from Los Angeles, CA
Apple MacBook Pro

Brian's daughter is going to law school and she has a five year old MacBook. Leo says it's time to upgrade, and the MacBook Air is a great option. Should he get the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro? The Air is light and thin, but the Pro has a Retina display and faster processor. The Air has better battery life, though. So it comes down to portability vs. screen quality.

Should he get 4 or 8GB of RAM? If he's getting a Pro, he should go with 8GB. Should get an i5 or i7 processor? Leo says to go with the i5. The speed of the processor won't really matter. In fact, the SSD is going to be a bigger performance boost than a processor. 256GB SSD or 512GB SSD? Leo says to go with the 512 if he can swing it. If he can wait until next month, Apple is going to announce new computers.