How can I use the internet in China?

Episode 1122 (15:22)

Allen from Hawaii
Great Wall of China

Allen is going on vacation to Beijing, China next week and wants to know what apps he can use on his phone. Will he also be able to use remote desktop? Leo says they call China's restrictions the "Great FireWall of China," and access to the internet is strictly controlled and constantly changing what they block. Wikipedia has a list of sites that is constantly updated that shows what websites are blocked and what aren't. Another option is to check

Google Maps looks to be blocked, which is ridiculous. Leo says that VPNs will burrow a hole through the internet and bypass it all. RDP is an option. But he should remember that he's a guest of China and it's probably best to play by their rules. Leo used a workaround when he was there called Posterous, but it's gone now. There are options like it, though.