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Episode 1124 October 5, 2014

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Audience Questions

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Watch Jay from Providence, RI Comments

Jay is thinking of getting a new Apple Airport Extreme, but he also wants to use the DDWRT firmware. He's heard that it's more secure, and the Asus router he's looking at comes with it.

Leo says that the hardware for the Airport Extreme is excellent. It's what he uses. Not because DDWRT isn't any good, though. It's great. But Apple does a great job assigning channels and the hardware is top notch. But they're also more expensive. Asus is a very good company and the new DDWRT routers are really good. So either would work great. Leo does recommend getting a dual band router, though. The lower bands are really congested now and having a 5 GHz option is really beneficial. Though 5GHz has more trouble getting through walls.

Watch Pierre from California Comments

Pierre's computer uses Windows 95 because he has software he needs to use. What can he do to get online? Leo says that he'd have to find a copy of Mosaic or Netscape browsers. And most websites won't work on it.

Pierre will really need to get a modern computer running Windows 8.1 to effectively use the internet.

Watch Dennis from Arkansas Comments

Dennis is looking to get broadband. He's got an AppleTV and wants to connect it to his router. Leo says that the best thing to do is request from the broadband company a modem only, and then use his own router. Then it's easy to connect the Apple TV to the router. The chatroom says that it may be necessary to port forward the Apple TV or DMZ it, but Leo doesn't think so.

Watch Sue from Redondo Beach, CA Comments

Sue went to a website to watch Bob Dylan live on stage and her computer got "fried." Leo says that there's no website that can short out a computer. And it's not in the interest of a hacker to be that destructive. They want vulnerable computers to exploit them. So it's important to keep the computer updated. She should also update Flash, her PDF reader, drivers, and just about everything can be exploited. Leo also recommends using Google Chrome, because it sandboxes Flash and updates it all the time. So she doesn't even have to install Flash on her system.

Leo thinks that more likely what happened is that the hardware was on its last legs and when she accessed the high definition video, the hard drive just failed.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Armondo from Fontana, CA Comments

Armando wants to know what's the difference between the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Leo says that it's not always clear what the difference is. There are 47 different models! The Pro seems to have more RAM, office apps, and more powerful processors. That's pretty much it, but it's confusing. It's easier to just decide by price. The chatroom says that the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 is an awesome tablet.

Watch Laurie from Glendale, CA Comments

Laurie wants to know if she needs a router to use her phone as a hotspot. Leo says no, the phone acts as a router. Her speeds will depend on how many devices she's using with that hotspot, and how many other people are using that tower. Laurie uses it because it's cheaper than paying for internet access at home. Leo also says that mobile phone operating systems are also more secure than desktops.

Watch Taylor from Corona, CA Comments

Taylor is looking for a DSLR that shoots 4K video. Leo says that the Panasonic Lumix GH4 Micro 4/3s mirrorless DSLR is the best on the market right now, and it's also extremely affordable. There's also the Sony α7s and GoPro.

Watch Tom from Warren, OH Comments

Tom's iPhone 6 Plus keeps asking for his voicemail password. Is that a new feature in iOS 8? Leo says no. It's probably what the carrier is requiring. If he can't remember it, Leo advises calling up AT&T to have them reset it. And if he uses second factor authentication, it'll protect him from someone hacking his voicemail.

Watch Alan from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Alan is thinking about getting the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, but hears that it won't run 64 bit software. Leo says that really doesn't matter. All 64 bit can do is address more memory and handle larger chunks of data. But he doesn't really need 64 bit. Samsung is only doing this because Apple did it last year. There's no real benefit for a mobile phone right now. This is more likely the difference between the Xenos Opticore Processor (in Europe) and the Qualcomm Snapdragon (in the US).

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Ed from Palmdale, CA Comments

Ed has lost his eyesight and he needs to get a phone. Is there a utility that will record numbers into his phone by voice? Leo says that if Ed brings his old phone to the phone store, he can ask them to move his contacts into the new phone for him. Most phones have accessibility features, but Leo says that Apple does it best. But that's usually for calling.

For editing the contacts, that could be a challenge. Windows Phone's Cortana voice app is a brand new utility, so it may be able to edit entries with voice. It'll be a long process though.

Watch Vance from Florida Comments

Vance says that when uploading data, it completely hogs his bandwidth. Leo says that's usually true. If he saturates the upstream bandwidth with videos, the connection can't do any other internet activity as a result. Can he split the bandwidth to prevent that interruption? Leo says that's why bittorrent works better. There really isn't a way to do it unless his router supports it. Leo says it may be more practical to set the videos to upload as he gets ready to go to bed and let it run through the night.

Watch Stephanie from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Stephanie bought a Samsung Windows 7 notebook and it's been a disasterous affair. She wishes she had bought a Mac. Leo says that Apple has a much better way to teach users how to use computers with their One to One teaching. She tried to get tech support with a phone number given to her from friends who used remote desktop and now she got infected. Can she wipe it and start over? Leo says sure, if she has a system recovery disc that came with the computer. She should get her data off first, then wipe the drive and reinstall Windows. And she should make sure she updates it completely.

Leo also says that by partitioning her hard drive and putting the data on the second drive, she can wipe the C drive and start over without affecting her data drive.

Watch Anne from Napa, CA Comments

Anne has the Amazon Fire TV but it keeps freezing up while watching the Tech Guy Show. Leo says that it's more likely the internet stream rather than the Fire TV. Streaming over the internet is still bleeding edge technology that doesn't always work best. Apple even had issues during their the internet stream of the iPhone announcement.

Freezing may also be an issue of bandwidth. Anne may have inadquate bandwidth for watching HD streaming. Leo suggests connecting the Fire TV through a wired connection to the router. That would eliminate any interference. But if someone else is watching online, then it could affect it as well.

Watch Diego from Corona, CA Comments

Diego plays a lot of multi user online games like League of Legends. He has a 2013 MacBook Pro, but he doesn't know how to stream his game play. Leo says that Twitch is a good utility for that. Most people who stream are using PCs for that. He can also do it via the PS4 or XBox One. But for the Mac, Twitch has guides that can help, so Leo advises going there and reading up.

Watch Rita from Pittsburgh, PA Comments

Rita is a self employed court reporter and she needs some good online tech support for her computer. Leo says that if she has a Dell, Dell's Gold support is as good as it gets. Leo isn't much of a fan of third party support. Rita has an HP computer, though. Leo says that HP likely has paid gold level support and he recommends biting the bullet and paying for it. And since Rita's computer is a few years old, it may be time to upgrade her computer, and then Leo would advise going with a Dell.