Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1121 (23:15)

Scott joins us this week to talk about the laser video projectors he saw this week at the CEDIA convention. Scott says there was a few different ones there this year including one by Epson that had one for under $8,000. Sony also had one, but that was $50,000, and Digital Projection had one for $120,000. They use a blue laser which is then divided up and one part is shined on a yellow phosphor which glows different colors. It then gets split into red and green, and you have RGB light from one laser. Scott said that aside from minor problems from being preproduction units, the results were spectacular. These should be available later this year.

Scott also says that the laser is rated to last about 30,000 hours. And unfortunately, it's not user replaceable. So that's one concern. Scott says that Christie, Barco and NEC are working to bring laser projection to movie theaters. And you can stack lasers or "gang them together" to create an even brighter image.