How can I use cloud backup to keep my files in sync?

Episode 1121 (13:47)

Juan from Sherman Oaks, CA
Microsoft OneDrive

Juan uses a backup program called "GoodSync," which he says does a good job back and forth. But he doesn't backup to the cloud, to work and home. What can he use that he can incorporate into his current setup?

Leo says that Sync is hard, and true sync would delete copies when the original got deleted. It's important to not completely rely on the sync to backup. He should always have his own backup as well. Leo says almost all sync software will do what Juan wants. Second Copy is a good option for the PC, and ChronoSync for the Mac.

One thing to be careful with though is that it's easy to get out of sync if he makes any changes. Leo says that Microsoft's One Drive is a great option for this. Using encryption is also important, and SpiderOak is a good option for that.