Is "bend gate" a real problem?

Episode 1121 (52:17)

Jessie from South Carolina
iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Jessie says that bendgate reminds him of the HTC GFlex and it's hillarious that this is so much ado about nothing. Leo agrees, saying that this is the dark side of the internet to make folklore turn viral. And thanks to Consumer Reports who demystified the whole urban legend of Bendgate and showed that anytime you make millions of something, you're going to get a handful that are mistreated. The internet just amplifies that.

Leo also says that the iPhone has really caught up and now it's in a tie with Android. Neither is better than the other all around, but one is better at some things than the other and vice versa.

Jessie is also concerned about security with his phone. Leo says that Apple and Google have both decided that they will not decrypt phones for law enforcement anymore, and now they can't simply because the new encryption won't allow it. Leo says it's going to make law enforcement's job harder, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Privacy should always come first.