A Bad Week for Apple in Spite of Record Sales

Episode 1121 (02:06)

Apple Campus

In spite of announcing the sale of over 10 million iPhone 6 and 6 Plus smartphones within the first two days, Apple experienced a bad week this week as the update to iOS 8.0.1 ended up breaking iPhones by prohibiting users from making phone calls, getting data, or using Touch ID. Within a few hours, Apple yanked the update, but it left an untold number of users with a bricked new iPhone. Leo wonders if they even bothered to test the update. Apple has since released iOS 8.0.2. Leo recommends waiting a few days to see how everything shakes out and if a problem arises, like it did this time, you'll know.

For those who were affected by the bad update, there is a tricky process to fix it.

The other bad news was more hype than anything else, and that was "bendgate." Some users reported that the iPhone 6 Plus ended up bending when put it in their pockets. The news went all around and Apple says they have only had 9 real complaints of bent phones and will likely replace a bent phone, though that isn't an official announcement. Leo also says it's by and large a bogus news story that caused Apple to take a PR hit that they didn't deserve to take. Leo did, however, give his daughter an iPhone 6 wrapped in an Otterbox case, just to be sure.