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Watch Mitan from Belgrade, Serbia Comments

Mitan has a bunch of technical documents and he wants to edit them. Leo says that Microsoft Office Online (formerly Office 365) is the best option. Microsoft is pushing everyone to move their data to the cloud, and Office 365 is in the cloud. There may be some advanced features that aren't available, but it's likely that it'll work for Mitan. He can then store the documents at Microsoft OneDrive.

Watch Shriley from Lomita, CA Comments

Shirley can't keep her Windows open because they minimize without her pressing the button. She tries to use the Internet Explorer icon to bring them back, and they stay for awhile, but then disappear again. Leo says that there's a Windows M key on the keyboard that will do it. Also, there's a program that may want Shirley's attention and, as such, it's shrinking the windows. Putting the mouse in the corner may do it as well, so she should make sure it's moved out of there.

The chatroom says to right-click on the desktop, select "personalize", and reset the desktop to the default setting. She should also disable the screen saver. It sounds like it may be corrupt and can't initiate the screen saver completely. The chatroom also says that there is a Windows 7 minimize bug, and there's a YouTube video that describes and fixes it here.

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Watch Resa from San Diego, CA Comments

Resa just got a Motorola Moto X, and chose AT&T as his carrier. But he bought it unsubsidized and they put a ton of software on it from AT&T. Leo says it's locked, but unsubsidized. Which means he'd suggest Resa either return it, or request that they unlock it so he can remove all the stuff he doesn't want.

Watch John from Laurel, MD Comments

John upgraded his old Windows XP machines with Windows 7 machines, avoiding Windows 8. Leo says that's a smart idea. But now he wants to take those old XP e-machines and put linux on them. Which version should he get?

Leo says that XUbuntu and DamnSmallLinux are good options. But DamnSmallLinux is command line with a GUI. PuppyLinux is also a good option. Head over to to check which version is best.

Watch Rick from Albuquerque, NM Comments

Rick bought an Asus router and set the cable company's modem/router in bridge mode. He wants to know if he can access the GUI of the modem because he can't see it. Leo says that's because the Asus router is assigning the IP addresses as it goes. That's how it's designed. So he can't really do that. Leo also says he could alter it via the public address by turning on WAN administration, but that's a bad idea because then anyone could do it.

Watch Roger from Lomita, CA Comments

Roger bought a new iPad and he's heard that Apple is going to announce an iPad Pro with a larger screen. Leo says nobody really knows because it's a rumor, but the rumors have been pretty accurate of late. If Apple does come out with it, should he buy Apple Care? Leo says only if he's prone to breaking things and he wants to get Apple Care Plus, which will offer replacements of broken devices. Regular Apple care will not. But if he's only going to use it at home, he probably doesn't need Apple Care.

Roger is also worried that T-Mobile will go bankrupt. Leo says they won't. They're too big to fail. At best, they'll get sold or merged and the government isn't in favor of merging at the moment.

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Watch Tamara from California Comments

Tamara has an Apple Time Capsule and every few weeks it requires her to start over again with a new backup. Leo says it's possible that the hard drive inside of the Time Capsule is faulty or failing. Fortunately, she has a secondary backup via iCloud Backup. Leo says that's good news. So she doesn't have to worry about the data on the Time Capsule. Should she just demand Apple give her a new one? Leo says that it may not be a bad device, actually. It could be a network issue. But Leo says to bring it into Apple and talk to a Genius. They may just replace it if she's polite and tell them everything she's done to fix it.

Here's a technote on how to erase the Time Capsule and start over.

Tamara is also worried about the government being able to pry into her data if she stores it into the cloud. Leo says that the NSA can get into her desktop if they really wanted to. And they could also intercept and read her communications, find out her activity through her ISP, and even get to her hardware if they want to. But the reality is, the NSA is looking for terrorists, not looking at American citizens traffic for no real reason.

Watch Jay from North Carolina Comments

Jay wants to know what browser Leo uses on the Mac. Leo says that Chrome is what he uses 90% of the time, although Safari is very good. Leo prefers Chrome because Flash is sandboxed within the tab, so it doesn't crash the browser when it goes down. He also says that since Chrome has Flash built in and Google updates it regularly so he doesn't have to install it separately. Sync is better in Chrome as well. Leo says Firefox is the third best, but he says it's gotten bloated over the last few years and has slowed down a lot.

Watch Ken from Sherman Oaks, CA Comments

Ken has a Mac Mini with a 128GB SSD and he backs it up faithfully. But he's constantly getting a message that he's running out of space. He uses it for photo editing. Leo says that's why. Those files are huge. There's a great visual hard drive display utility that will let him see what's being used and where.

For the Mac, there's DiskInventory X. For Windows, there's TreeSize. These are great tools for finding out what's using up hard drive space. Ken should also clear out his browser cache and delete info from temp folders. Leo also says it's a good idea to erase and start over about once a year to get rid of all the "cruft" that is taking up room and slowing him down.