What's the best mic for podcasting?

Episode 1120 (46:34)

Jim from Atlanta, GA
Heil PR40

Jim was podcasting back when Leo was still on TechTV. Jim had to walk away from it a few years ago but now he's ready to get started up again. He sees that Leo had recommended the Sennheiser SMD25 and is wondering if its still a good option. Leo says he wouldn't go with that. He uses a dynamic directional mic instead. Leo recommends Bob Heil's HeilSound PR40. It's great for studio work and it'll make Jim's voice sound really great. They're about $350.

How about mixing boards? Can he bypass it and just use a USB mic to do it? Leo says sure, but he can only do one mic at a time that way. So if he has guests in studio, that'll be an issue. But if he's doing Skype interviews, sure, he could use that.