What streaming set top box should I buy?

Episode 1120 (34:58)

Jerry from Fallbrook, CA

Jerry is thinking about getting an Apple TV or Roku and cutting the cable. Leo says that there are a lot of choices and all of them are designed to do one thing: connect his TV to the Internet so he can watch online programming. But none of them offer all the options available. If he has a true 6 Mbps connection, streaming will work great. But remember, if there's more than one computer or mobile device on the network pulling at that bandwidth, it's going to affect the stream.

Which one should he get? Depends on the services he wants. Roku is Leo's best choice, but it won't do iTunes. They all do Netflix and YouTube now. Apple doesn't do Amazon Prime. So it comes down to what he wants. Apple TV does have the advantage of being able to do content distribution through Netflix because it cache's all Netflix programming on it's servers. So he's less likely to run into buffering due to traffic. Leo also says if he has kids, the Amazon Fire TV may be the best option.