How can I teach kids computer management?

Episode 1120 (59:44)

Jeremy from Thousand Oaks, CA
School laptops

Jeremy is an elementary school principal and he's rolling out a digital curriculum this year with Linux laptops for every student. Leo says that's great! Generally he'd recommend Chromebooks because they're safe and cheap. But if the Linux laptop works, in some ways it's even better.

Jeremy needs a website or program that will teach kids basic computer skills. What about file management? File systems can be confusing and there's a security issue. Most kids will do everything on a mobile device where file system management really isn't used and Leo says that while it's important for adults, kids aren't really going to need to know that in the future.

From the Chatroom, there's this article from Life Hack on Ten Linux Resources for kids and here's a great site called E-Learning for Kids.