What gaming computer should I buy for my teenager?

Episode 1119 (37:48)

Paula from Temecula, CA
Alienware desktop

Paula wants to know the best place to buy a gaming computer for her son who does gaming videos on YouTube and Twitch. Leo says that kids get real serious with their computers and having the best computer she can afford will give him the tools he needs. But gaming computers aren't cheap. All PCs can game, but gaming computers use higher end components that can really give her sticker shock. They require a dedicated GPU.

Leo advises going to Alienware. They're a bit more high priced, but they do gaming computers right. Leo suggests going with a desktop, not a laptop. Doghouse is another option.

What is IBuyPower? Leo says that he likes IBuyPower. They have good gaming systems with NVidia GTX GPUs, and she should get at least an i5 with 8GB of RAM. A larger display is good too.