Johnny Jet

Episode 1119 (1:16:34)

Johnny is back in LA and wants to talk about the Jet Blue emergency landing. Johnny says it was huge over social media and he's been part of emergency landings. They can be scary. Johnny is going to be taking a British Airways safety course that teaches how to react during an emergency landing. Leo says he wants to do that and Johnny says he can sign up when he's in London.

In other news - Marriott came out with maid tipping envelopes. While he does tip his maid, he is against hotels pushing the burden of their maid salary onto the customer. They should just pay their maids more. How much should you tip your maid? Well, that depends on the country. In Japan, you don't at all. But Johnny usually tips $2-3 and you can leave it on your pillow. He also says to give it to them personally., and to tip each night.

Check out, which offers advise on how much to tip based on country. It's a bit overpriced, so take the amounts with a grain of salt. But you can use it as a point to base your tip on.