How can I restore my backup quickly from Carbonite?

Episode 1119 (1:12:54)

Greg from Laguna Hills, CA

Greg's PC got attacked by Crypto Locker, malware that encrypts user data and holds it for a ransom of $500. They require Bitcoin and they do that because it's not traceable. Greg decided to not pay the ransom, formatted his hard drive and now he's going to recover his data from Carbonite. But it didn't backup everything.

Leo says Greg can set Carbonite to backup everything on his computer if he sets it that way. And they do versioning. Their support is very understanding and helpful as well. He's doing the restore and he says it's taking days to accomplish. Leo says that's true and Leo says to ask Carbonite to ship him a hard drive because time is a factor.

(Disclaimer: Carbonite is a sponsor)