How can I keep Adobe Flash from crashing?

Episode 1119 (1:26:52)

Kimberly from Maui, Hawaii

Kim says her Adobe Flash plugin keeps crashing. She's removed it and reinstalled it, but it just keeps crashing no matter what she does. Leo says that Flash is a nightmare and it's one of the reasons why Apple withdrew support from it. It's being dumped by other companies as well. Even Adobe has decided to abandon it. Unfortunately, it's still necessary online.

Leo recommends using Google Chrome. Flash is updated internally by Google and so she won't have that issue. She'll also need to keep her browser updated. Kimberly says her security software won't let her because it could stop working. Leo says that sometimes antivirus gets in the way. So Leo advises going with Microsoft's Security Essentials. She can always turn off her antivirus, update the browser and then turn it back on, though. But Leo says to just use Chrome. It's better and she can browse securely.

Kimberly says she also uses a browser called IxQuick. She says she used it because she heard it doesn't track her web usage. She thinks that Google uses her information to send her junk mail. Leo says that's not the case. They simply use the information to customize the banner ads they display on Google sites and sites that use Google AdSense. She doesn't use Gmail, and Leo recommends using it. She can even use it on her own domain. And using Google's Dashboard at, she can choose what gets tracked, and see the information Google has.