How can I back up everything all at once?

Episode 1119 (2:10:10)

Bob from San Diego, CA

Bob wants to back up everything on his computer all at once. Does Acronis True Image do that? If not, what can? Leo says backup is a complex issue with different needs for different users. Restoring can be critical, especially in business. Acronis True Image is a very good solution, as is and Drive Image. CloneZilla is one for Linux.

On the Mac there's SuperDuper, which is cool because it's a bootable image. So there's a lot of ways to do this. Can the image be put on another computer? Leo says not always. Windows is highly customized for specific hardware and their anti-piracy utilty Windows Genuine Advantage will pick up on the difference in hardware and disable Windows. That's where a backup comes in handy. He should have both. Carbonite offers an imaging utility and backups for business in a turnkey solution.

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