How do I keep Facebook from using all my text messages?

Episode 1118 (1:23:10)

Aurelia from Burbank, CA

Aurelia has Facebook on her phone and it's eating up her data plan and text messages. What gives? Leo says that's been a common complaint since Facebook took messaging out of the original app and forced users to message using their Messenger app. Leo says go into Facebook settings and turn off mobile notifications. It's buried deep in the settings. Go into settings -> Notifications -> Text messaging -. TURN THAT OFF. That will save your text messages.

Aurelia is also getting heat off her 2007 MacBook. Leo says that's because she uses it for high processor intensive activity. And laptops need airflow underneath in order to keep it cool. If it gets too hot, it will start turning itself off. Then you need to take it to Apple to clean out the dust. And update all your firmware and system software so that it runs more efficiently. The chatroom also says that using a laptop fan that plugs into your USB port will keep it up to 20 degrees cooler.