How can I stop using Adobe Flash?

Episode 1118 (1:40:37)

Roy from Orange County, CA

Roy keeps getting requests to update Flash when listening to podcasts. And it always crashes. Leo says he hates Adobe Flash with a PASSION and everyone uses it, so he's stuck with it and all it's warts. That's why Leo recommends that if you have to use Flash, that you use it through Google's Chrome browser. What Google does in Chrome is build Flash into the browser and it's updated regularly by Google and it's isolated so it doesn't crash your browser if it crashes. It should work better for you. The good news is that everyone wants to adopt the in browser playback scheme but nobody can agree on a standard, so Flash wins by default. There's also a format called HLS (also known as HTML5) which is what's going to end up being what everyone uses.

He's also having trouble uploading files through his email client. That leaves Leo to believe there's a heck of lot more going on here than a bad Flash client. Leo recommends uninstalling and then reinstalling Firefox, or start it in safe mode. Leo says that there may be a corrupted add-on that's causing all this web based crashing. And it's likely all surrounding JavaScript.