How can I create a cloud storage solution that is HIPPA Compliant?

Episode 1118 (1:11:31)

Robert from San Bernadino, CA

Robert is a college professor and he wants to take all his desktop files and put them in the cloud, syncing them with his laptop and desktop computers. Leo says there's several ways to accomplish that goal. ICloud will do it if you have a Mac. Both Microsoft's OneDrive and DropBox will do it for both Windows and Mac. Leo says that DropBox is probably the simplest way to go about it. The Chatroom says that is hipping compliant as well. There's also a personal cloud option called the File Transporter, which allows you to keep your data away from a third party. File Transporter will sync between your computers and even with each other. And they've very affordable. And they're HIPPA compliant, being designed for that. And you won't pay a monthly fee either since you aren't storing anything in the cloud. There's another option called BitTorrent sync, but since BitTorrent won't release the source code, it can't be Hippa since it isn't reviewed. That's why Leo recommends picking up a pair of File Transporters (they about $99 each) and allow them to sync to each other. And it's cross platform. So $200 for the Transporters, and $200 for hard drives, and you have your own personal cloud for under $500. That's a bargain.