Should I buy an Apple Watch?

Episode 1117 (36:38)

Mike from Portland, ME

Mike wonders if the Apple Watch will be obsolete in less than a year. Leo says it's probably correct. He says it looks "fiddly" and it's a solution in search of a problem. And because it's the first generation, Leo advises taking a wait and see attitude. Let someone else be the beta tester. Like Japanese schoolgirls, whom he's convinced what Apple is aiming the Apple Watch at.

Mike also intherited a Kindle Fire tablet and he's wondering about the OS. It doesn't really look like Android. Leo says that's because it's been heavily modified and it generally designed to get you to buy stuff through it. And for that, especially Kindle Books, it's ideal for. And if you have Amazon Prime, it's great for streaming music and video. So consider it a media consumption device and you're good to go.