Johnny Jet's fun in the sun

Episode 1117 (1:03:27)

Johnny joins us from Cancun, where he's speaking at TBEX. TMobile is offering free data on EDGE for their mobile phones. Johnny says you don't need a data plan for most of the things you do while traveling like social media or email that you can do with a WiFi cafe. But if you're navigating with Google Maps, then you'll need one and there's deals on prepaid sims with data.

Deal on Virgin America - 20% off travel until Nov. 18th. Travel Tues/Wed and Sat. American - $364 Round trip to Puerto Rico.

Apps - SonicRepeller, which dubs itself as an anti mosquito app. Johnny tried it and he didn't think it worked, but it's free. Product ... Pan0no Ball Camera - has 36 cameras and you can toss the ball in the world and get a spherical 360 degree view.$549 Leo says one of the problems is that you need special viewer software to see them. But it has 3600pixels. Leo says that's very expensive. But if it was $150, he'd buy one in a new york minute.