How can I get old text messages onto my new phone?

Episode 1117 (1:16:59)

Neil from Phoenix AZ

Neil bought an ICON Windows phone, but he's thinking of returning it because Google isn't syncing right. Should he buy an iPhone. Leo says that the new iPhone 6 is probably the best phone experience you can get. And it supports Google very well. But Leo says you can attach your outlook account to Google through the settings by using Yahoo as the middle man. So you connect the Windows Phone to Yahoo, and then connect Yahoo to Google. You can do the same thing with LinkedIn. And they're free.Once you have that connected, then you can go to Google natively and have all your contacts. Leo also says that Verizon should be able to do the migration from one phone to another for Neil. Just go to the Verizon store.

Can I get old SMS Text messages exported over? Leo says yes, but it depends on how old they are and Neil may have to do it manually. But more recent ones, Verizon can resend them to you.