Where can I play old computer games?

Episode 1116 (1:19:11)

Michael from Buffalo, NY

Michael says that this year is the 30th anniversary of Windows. And he says he thought it would be cool if Windows would give users the ability to "skin" Windows back to the original Windows look to celebrate. Leo says that they did that for Windows XP and he hated it. But it's just software, so he could. Microsoft wants to push users forward, and as such, they're annoying users with their heavy hand.

Michael wants to know if there's a service that will rip and capture older media and digitize it. Leo says yes, but the older his media is, the more likely he'll lose stuff and it may even be unreadable. But the good news is that there are places where he can play old games online. GOG.com (good ole games) offer those old games for him to play.

For console games, he'd have to emulate them using MAME. The downside is that many game companies have been suing people who emulate those. Leo says that they should just back off and let people enjoy a trip down memory lane. But if he searches games and ROMs, he'll find tons of options.