Should I get an iPhone 4S for $0.99 at Verizon?

Episode 1116 (27:49)

Max from West LA, CA
Apple iPhone 4S

Max had a Blackberry Curve with Verizon and it just died. He can get the iPhone 4S for .99, and is wondering if that would be a good deal. Leo says they should give him .99 for the iPhone 4S! It's fine for what Max is doing, but it's three generations behind, and will be the last model that he can install the most recent OS on. Max will be able to install iOS 8, but it will be really slow. If he doesn't care, then sure, it'll work. Leo also says that within days, he's likely to see a similar deal for iPhone 5.

If Max is happy, though, then he could keep it. Leo also says it's OK to not have to have the latest and greatest. All too often, people think there's something wrong with you if you don't keep up, but who cares? The only thing Max will miss out on is the fingerprint reader and the ability to make mobile payments with his phone.