How can I backup my Android Phone like iCloud?

Episode 1116

Jonathan from Hollywood, CA
Samsung Galaxy S5

Jonathan just picked up a Samsung Galaxy S5. He wants to know if Android has a backup option similar to iCloud. Leo says there's no way to backup everything, but Android will backup apps and settings, which include Wi-Fi Passwords, to his Google account. That way when he logs into his Google account with a new phone, it'll restore his apps and settings automatically.

Samsung has it's own backup solutions as well. But Leo says Titanium Backup is a great solution if he truly wants to backup everything. He would need to root his phone in order to use it. Rooting gives him administrator privileges and that can be risky, but it is useful.

If Jonathan doesn't want to root, there's an excellent solution called Helium that will do what Jonathan is looking for. Google will also upload his contacts, photos, and music. Leo says he prefers to download new copies of apps, rather than restore old ones and then have to upgrade.