Celebrity Nude Data Breach Underscores Need for Second Factor Authentication

Episode 1116

With the breaking news that several celebrities who had their cloud accounts hacked and nude photos published on the internet, Leo says that this underscores the need for second factor authentication. Companies use secret questions so that you can answer them and get your password or reset it. But Leo says that people make the mistake of answering these questions truthfully. And for a celebrities, that's very easy to discover. Leo uses pneumonics and puts in bogus answers that only he knows and nobody can guess. Leo also says that a password manager like LastPass and KeyPass allow you to use "gobbledygook" answers that have punctuation, numbers, and alpha numeric letters and stores all that information privately without you having to remember anything but your lastpass password. And secondly, using two factor authentication, which will text you if a password change has been initiated. But remember, even with all that, there's always a risk, especially if you're a celebrity.