Should I invest in high resolution lossless music?

Episode 1115 (1:28:24)

Pete from Brooklyn, NY

Pete is interested in hi-res music. He wants to download FLAC music and convert it to Apple lossless. Leo says you can do that, but remember that the MAC tops out at 96 Khz, but the iPod can't play it because it's not that high, nor does it have the CPU power to process and playback hi-resolution audio. You need special hardware to play back high resolution audio. Leo says that iPods were designed for mp3s, but they can play back Apple's lossless compression at 48K x 24 bit. And unless you have so-called "golden ears," you won't really miss lossless compression since mp3s take out the data you wouldn't really hear unless you're trained to hear it. Apple has improved MP3 with AAC, as it's better compression. But some just want music that isn't compressed. CD quality is 44K 16 bit. And that's largely good enough. But most music is recorded at 24 bit. FLAC, or lossless compression is 2-1, and it's higher resolution, but the jury is out if it makes a difference. But the biggest difference is, HOW you're listening. If you're listening on earbuds, you're not getting any difference at all, or if you're over 25, chances are, you can't tell. So spend your money on other things.

Pete says that Splashtop is a great desktop to desktop remote access app and it's only $16 a month. Leo says that's pretty good for the occasional remote access.