Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1115 (19:21)

This week, Scott will be attending the CDIA show. That stands for Custom Designers and Installers Assoc. It's where Scott usually sees what's on the horizon for home theater projection. And what's he's really excited about is that he'll get to see a ton manufacturers put out systems with Dolby Atmos for the home. Scott says he's found it to be very effective in the theaters and he's looking forward to it being in the home. There's also another system competing with Atmos called ORO. Leo says it won't be long before Dolby will put out Atmos 2 which will have something crazy like speakers in the floor. He's joking, but Scott says speakers over your head really fills out the audio experience, and to have it in your home will really add depth to the soundtrack (depending on how it's mixed). Leo says this would require users to have a dedicated room for this, and Scott says he agrees.