How can I remotely connect to work while traveling?

Episode 1115 (1:02:41)

Scott from Boulder, CO

Scott travels a lot and he needs to connect to work a lot. So he's looking for a good laptop that he can remotely connect in. And what should he use to do so? Leo says that services like GoToMyPC and LogMeIn work with https secure logins, and that's a good solution, but they are costly. VPNs work really well because they essentially burrow a hole directly to your network that others can't get into.

As for systems, Scott needs a 17" laptop. Leo says that's going to be heavy and have terrible battery life. Dell makes a nice 17", but Lenovo is the king of the desktop replacement. The Lenovo Y70 Touch is a good one. Leo recommends choosing with a solid state drive for faster access. But it'll only be as fast as your network.