Has Adobe Reader given me a virus?

Episode 1115 (47:25)

Kathy from Santa Cruz, CA

Kathy downloaded an update for Adobe Reader and now she thinks she may have been bit by a virus. Leo says if Adobe Reader had an official update, she would really need to install it because it protects her from the viruses she fears. She was told to reset the browser and she lost all her booksmarks and extensions. Leo says that's actually what he would have advised because often it's extensions that cause the trouble. That's why Leo suggests using another browser like Google Chrome. Internet Explorer is a mess.

Leo says Kathy could run IE in safe mode. Then if the browser works, she'll know it's an add-on causing the trouble. Kathy can click Start > Run, then type iexplore.exe -extoff and that will put her in safe mode. It's not likely that Kathy has a virus through her browser. More likely it's a browser hijack, which isn't virus, but it is an exploit. She should use Google Chrome instead.