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Watch Sean from Thousand Oaks, CA Comments

Sean would like to catalog his DVDs on his network, so he can find out information about the movie and the location of it. Is there an app for that on the Mac?

Leo says that Delicious Library 3 is ideal for his. He'll be able to scan the DVD's barcode, and then it will populate the database using the metadata along with reviews and more. Then he can add location options as well. He can try it free first to see if it will work for him.

Watch Caleb from New Foundland, CAN Comments

Caleb has started digital photography as a hobby, and he loves it because it's a non-destructive and positive way to spend his time. Leo says it's a wonderful hobby and with the advent of digital photography and social media, it's gotten even better. Shooters can get better quicker thanks to constructive feedback on the web.

Leo says that there are two kinds of photographers, those who focus on the art and improve their craft with composition, and then gadget hounds that try to get better with technology. Caleb needs to decide what type of photographer he really wants to be.

Having said that, full frame cameras are noticably better for shooting. But there's a very limited selection of full frame lenses. Caleb should pick the system he's going to go with and invest in lenses for that system. So the next step up for Caleb would be to focus on composition until there's enough supporting glass out there to invest in a full frame system.

Watch Sam from San Bernardino, CA Comments

Hybrid drives combine both Solid State Drives and Hard Disk Drives. Since SSDs cost more per gigabyte, it's expensive to buy an SSD big enough to hold everything. So the idea behind hybrid drives is that it would combine the speed benefit of SSD with the capacity benefits of the traditional, spinning drive. It puts both drives in one enclosure and uses smart software to determine what data should go on the SSD and what should go on the hard drive.

Leo thinks that hybrid drives are better than spinning drives, but they aren't better than a full SSD. For something like a Playstation 4 gaming console, however, it's probably a good choice. It will analyze how the PS4 is using data and allocate it appropriately.

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Watch Kathy from Santa Cruz, CA Comments

Kathy downloaded an update for Adobe Reader and now she thinks she may have been bit by a virus. Leo says if Adobe Reader had an official update, she would really need to install it because it protects her from the viruses she fears. She was told to reset the browser and she lost all her booksmarks and extensions. Leo says that's actually what he would have advised because often it's extensions that cause the trouble. That's why Leo suggests using another browser like Google Chrome. Internet Explorer is a mess.

Leo says Kathy could run IE in safe mode. Then if the browser works, she'll know it's an add-on causing the trouble. Kathy can click Start > Run, then type iexplore.exe -extoff and that will put her in safe mode. It's not likely that Kathy has a virus through her browser. More likely it's a browser hijack, which isn't virus, but it is an exploit. She should use Google Chrome instead.

Watch Scott from Boulder, CO Comments

Scott travels a lot and he needs to connect to work a lot. So he's looking for a good laptop that he can remotely connect in. And what should he use to do so? Leo says that services like GoToMyPC and LogMeIn work with https secure logins, and that's a good solution, but they are costly. VPNs work really well because they essentially burrow a hole directly to your network that others can't get into.

As for systems, Scott needs a 17" laptop. Leo says that's going to be heavy and have terrible battery life. Dell makes a nice 17", but Lenovo is the king of the desktop replacement. The Lenovo Y70 Touch is a good one. Leo recommends choosing with a solid state drive for faster access. But it'll only be as fast as your network.

Watch Manny from i95, Florida Comments

Manny is moving to Florida and wants to know if he can test drive a carrier to see how they work. Leo says that most carriers do offer a two week trial, especially when you bring your own phone. Just go into the store and talk to them.

Another option is to go to, where they rate cellular providers and internet service providers by zip code. Lastly, talk to your neighbors. They'll know best and they may have solutions Manny doesn't know about.

Watch Pete from Brooklyn, NY Comments

Pete is interested in hi-res music. He wants to download FLAC music and convert it to Apple lossless. Leo says you can do that, but remember that the MAC tops out at 96 Khz, but the iPod can't play it because it's not that high, nor does it have the CPU power to process and playback hi-resolution audio. You need special hardware to play back high resolution audio. Leo says that iPods were designed for mp3s, but they can play back Apple's lossless compression at 48K x 24 bit. And unless you have so-called "golden ears," you won't really miss lossless compression since mp3s take out the data you wouldn't really hear unless you're trained to hear it. Apple has improved MP3 with AAC, as it's better compression. But some just want music that isn't compressed. CD quality is 44K 16 bit. And that's largely good enough. But most music is recorded at 24 bit. FLAC, or lossless compression is 2-1, and it's higher resolution, but the jury is out if it makes a difference. But the biggest difference is, HOW you're listening. If you're listening on earbuds, you're not getting any difference at all, or if you're over 25, chances are, you can't tell. So spend your money on other things.

Pete says that Splashtop is a great desktop to desktop remote access app and it's only $16 a month. Leo says that's pretty good for the occasional remote access.

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Watch Jeff from Raleigh, NC Comments

Leo says since most MacBook Pros come with SSDs now, it's important to turn on drive encryption right away. If he doesn't encrypt the drive from day one, some data could end up unencrypted on that drive. Turn on encryption before putting private data on it. The Mac comes with something called File Vault for encryption, which he can access right from the Mac's System Preferences. He just has to turn it on, and he won't even know it's running. The only reason to do this is in the event that his computer was stolen. The thief could take out the hard drive and get all of his data if it's not encrypted.

Leo also recommends turning on the Firewall, and it doesn't seem to negatively impact his use for anything. This is also a good time to get a password manager like LastPass. If he already was using a password manager, that would be one of the first things he'd install so he could easily retrieve his passwords for websites and new software.

Jeff also asks about the quality of Apple's products, and if there are any concerns he should know about. Leo says no computer manufacturer is perfect. He judges a computer in two ways: First of all, the use of quality components, which Apple has. The other thing is how the company responds if something does go wrong. Apple is easily the best manufacturer when it comes to after sales support. Leo actually believes that most of the cost of Apple computers goes to its support. The way that most PC manufacturers have gotten prices down is by cutting support.

Watch Kevin from Ashville, NC Comments

Kevin's daughter has a facebook account and when she plays Farmville, it says she's already logged into another account. Leo says to go into the applications screen and delete Farmville, and any others, then just relog in and it'll reassociate with her original account. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or HTC One? Leo says that the Note has a far better camera. But the HTC One has better features. So it comes down to what you use it for.