What Android phone is better: HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S5 or the Google Nexus 5?

Episode 1114 (40:12)

Jonathan from Los Angeles, CA
OnePlus One

Jonathan is ditching his iPhone 5s and moving to T-Mobile. He's trying to decide between the HTC One, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Google Nexus 5. Leo says that the Nexus 5 is the pure Google experience with no added "skins" or bloatware. This means it will always get updated right when Google releases a new version of Android. Leo likes the HTC One, but it's a bit smaller. Leo isn't a fan of Samsung because they put too much bloatware on their phones. The Galaxy S5 isn't bad, but has a cheap plastic feel to it. Another advantage of the Galaxy S5 is that he could remove the battery and swap it out.If he roots his phone, he can change it to anything he wants.

Another good phone is the One Plus One, but he would have to get an invitation to buy it. At just $350 for 16GB it's the best phone out there for the price. It has a great camera, better than the Galaxy S5. Leo also says that the Motorola Moto X is another contender because of it's digital assistant capability. If he decides to go that route, he should wait until Motorola reveals the Moto X+1, which will come out in the next week.